Geospatial Science in the

Geospatial Science Foundations

GIS and Spatial Analysis

GIS is more than just software. People and methods are combined with geospatial software and tools, to enable spatial analysis, manage large datasets, and display information in a map/graphical form.

Remote Sensing & Image Interpretation

Remote Sensing is an art of obtaining information about an object/phenomena or area through the analysis of data acquired by a device that is not in contact with the object under investigation.Image interpretation is based on elements that are inherent in imagery.

Geospatial Databases & Programming

A geodatabase (also geographical database and geospatial database) is a database of geographic data, such as countries, administrative divisions, cities, and related information. Databases are pervasive through GIS and field survey.

Field Survey, Mapping & Cartography

Cartography is universal in all areas of GS as a visual communications tool. We often use field survey techniques to provide "ground truth” information to support our remote sensing and GIS projects.